Anyone live in San Jose, Ca or nearby?

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  1. My grandmother lives in San Jose, Ca. We were talking about chickens on the phone today and she even said that she would like some bantoms to keep her company. My grandfather passed away from a stroke a few months ago so my grandmother is very lonely lately, other then my dad and his brothers stopping by every now and then. She has her Poms but she said she would like some Bantoms but not sure if she is allowed to have them.

    Anyone in the area know if she can have a few in her back yard? she lives near Santa Teresa Hospital, in that area. She said she had chickens back when my father was younger and would like to start up again. If she can't by law, then oh well but it's worth looking into.
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    Yes, she can have up to 6 hens, no roosters.
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    She'll be happy about that. She doesn't want any Roos anyways but she did say she wanted to start out with incubating eggs.

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