anyone need malay chicks in a couple months?

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    Jan 28, 2016
    I know it's extremely irresponsible to count your chickens before they hatch, but hear me out. I have been wanting chickens for a long time. I am underage, and on the clock. A couple weeks ago I saw my school calendar. I have a bunch of time in April, maybe June. I can't have it before or after. If I miss the deadline, I will have to wait about 10 years till I can get them. My parents are fine with it, as long as I take care of them and my grade. Yes, I have time for them. No, I will not get them later when I am an adult. These are my choices, and I am very sure I am in control of them.
    I am going to buy Black Breasted Red, and I'm going to take some feathers to the nearest vet for a DNA sexing, and buy vaccine for Marek's. Mind you, all the chickens I will sell will have been vaccinated. I am not going to barter precious lives for organic eggs/ meat. Perhaps, if my internet hogging taught me correctly how to incubate and raise heritage breeds, I would get all the eggs hatched. The max malay chicks you can get are 9 or 11, depending on how many I want to keep. If you live close enough to come by car, enough to pick up the chicks on your own, you can get them at a week, if you have a tank where there is a nice, warm heating pad, a bottle of water, whatever the chicks need to survive the car trip. To shipment, I can start selling when they are 1.5 months to any time someone wants them. I'm still searching for the cost. I might sell 1.5 months to 5 month old chicks $20-$40, 6 month stags at maybe $50-$60 and pullets $60-$75, and adults at $100. I think that's reasonable (correct me if I'm wrong).
    I know, I don't even have the chickens yet, ladiladida. As I said, I'm on the clock. If you feel skeptical about this, just check back every once in a while. If I get my hypothetical chickens, I'll update the thread with a video. I'll mention my username so you know it's me.
    Oh, and I'm getting this line from a reputable breeder. I'm not sure if he would want me saying his name (even if a lot of people say it, it doesn't mean he's okay with it), so if you have a good eye with chickens, you will probably know whether they look legit or not.
    :D Wish me luck!
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    Good luck!

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