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    May 17, 2008
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    I am in the middle of transporting a pair of buff dewlaps and pomeranians from Janet Collins in Commerce, GA to my home in Smithtown, Long Island, NY. The transporter is willing to add a few additional birds at a rate of $25/bird, so I thought that I would mention to you what Janet told me that she currently has available. You would have to arrange pick up from me, though I might be willing to drive a group of them off the Island so you guys don't have to suffer the traffic! I often go up near Newburgh.

    The transport is expected to take place on 7/22 or 7/23 at this point. She takes PayPal. Contact me if interested and I will give you her e-mail. is Janet's message to me about what she has available. The first group she is describing are call ducks.

    I have mostly males available 2 khakis, 2 pastels, 1 white, several grays, 2 other males that are light blue and white, and the breeder pair of Blues. The males are $15-$25 and the pair is $50. Most of the ducks are pictured in the for sale album at picturetrail. I also have a pair of Brown Africans, White Africans, and a trio of Emden, and a 4 year old Muticus Muticus Peacock. Some chickens: Salmon Faverolles, Gold neck dÂ’Uccles, Rhode Island reds, Black Jersey Giants, Barred Rocks, and some Old English.

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