Anyone on the medication called Prednisone? Could our medical condition be a somatic reaction to ou

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    One of our members happened to mention in a private email to me that she is taking prednisone for her rheumatoid arthritis; and then I read another post from another member who was on prednisone for her inflammatory condition, and another who was taking it for her autoimmune condition.

    I've been taking prednisone daily and will have to be on it for at least a year; my condition is polymyalgia rheumatica; very painful. All of those conditions are similar and related. All of us are privately wondering why and how their particular condition began. I've been imagining all sorts of triggers: Did I get this condition because of something I eat, or because of something in my environment, or because it's familial, or because of lack of sleep? stress? coffee? sugar substitutes? hair spray? diet meal packets? If we knew what caused the condition, we'd know what to do to cure the condition.

    One prednisone-taking member wondered aloud to me if she could possibly be allergic to her backyard chickens. She said her condition got much worse each time she visited a poultry show. She's on her way to finding an allergy specialist to get herself medically tested.

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing. But the reason for this post is to find out how many of us chicken-keeping people are taking prednisone. It's an anti-inflammatory medication and is used for all sorts of immune system conditions: lupus, scleraderma, allergies, hives, as well as rheumatoid arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica, etc. It's a "magic" pill and reverses the muscles' inflammation so thoroughly that the pain is gone. As long as you keep taking the prednisone.

    I'd be sad to give up my chickens, but long term use of prednisone has so many dangerous side effects, (osteoporosis, high blood sugar and diabetes, stomach bleeding, etc.) it would be wonderful to be cured just by getting rid of our chickens.

    Please post a reply if you keep chickens and have developed a condition that's being treated with prednisone.

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    I read your post with great interest. No, I don't have any inflammatory condition, but my partner does. It has been going on for years and she doesn't deal with the chickens.
    Much of her informal research has led her to believe that several of these conditions such as fibromyalgia and others can be caused by food additives, among other things.
    Her hypothesis is not provable, there is severe lack of reliable data, but prior to the 1950s' many of these diseases were not heard of. When food canning & processing got into full swing, we started seeing a lot of chemical added to preserve the food. Perhaps in small batches these chemicals were ok, but over time it's possible they accumulate in the body. Who knows??
    Vets from Vietnam & the Iraqi war have been seeing a surge in odd symptoms & disease.
    More & more people are suffering from unknown environmental allergies, no-one knows why.
    I hope for your sake that the chickens don't have to go, because I think you will lose a source of activity & enjoyment. Sue

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