Anyone playing LogosQuiz on their phone?


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
azalia, indiana
Me oh my!

The 16 yr old DD was playing this game on her phone. She showed me and asked if I knew what a certain logo was. . . . well, yeah! I gave her a few that I recognized. She thought I was amazing. We muddled through a few more on her phone, then she showed me how to get the app on my phone. . . . . . .I sat with 19 yr old DS and played for half and hour or so -- It was so fun! And it was cool because we needed each other, he knew the young techie, tv, pop culture stuff, and I knew the old stuff (LOL!)

Just wondered if others are having fun with this one too. I was up WAAAYYY too late last night lying in bed with my phone on the charger and surfing the net, searching out foreign airline logos to see if I could spot some answers I'm missing

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