Anyone raise Cape Barrens?

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    Jun 11, 2011
    Looking for more information from breeders. I've heard that hand raise hens can be great pets (feathersite), but that the males are extremely territorial and must have their own breeding pen. Just looking for more general information. I've always been in love with the look of this breed, had an opportunity to buy a chick many years ago, but didn't have the $ at the time.

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    that's the first thing I was going to say, cape barrens are one of the most agressive geese out there, be prepared for that if you go threw with it. They are fairly pricey too, dont be scared to see then over $400- $600 pr

    I know a couple breeders with them. Never had them myself due to how mean they are though.
    basic care is no different from any other migratory style goose species. They like to graze, have lots of greens etc. do well on bagged feed a lone though. Do not need massive amounts of water, though more than a kiddie pool of course. Like tall grasses or some form of thick cover to nest in etc. All the good goose stuff.
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    Mar 26, 2011
    My biggest goal was to breed and raise Cape Barrens. I had the old stock from the 1970's. Some imprinted. Some mean. The Game Bird Preserve in Utah managed to import 30 plus birds for Australia. Now Australia
    does not allow exportation of native species, but through zoological means this was made possible in the 1980's. I purchased their last breeding pr.of captive raised USA birds. This was a nice pr. a little small. The female was not imprinted but the male was somewhat mean. They bred in Jan. with some results. I am in the Northeast and some of the eggs cracked from cold, but 2 young were hatched. They then were raised indoors, away from the parents.
    Rule 1) was not to talk or play with them. Rule 2) was to place them outside on good days next to the parents. They ended up a pair with the female submissive to the male. This young male was not as aggressive as his father,
    but still a little mean. In the 1990's I was able to obtain prodigy from the imported birds. These birds were far superior to the stock in the country at the time. Size, stature, and demeanor were very much noticable.
    I find now that this line of birds, when they lay in the middle of winter hover each egg. They can incubate full term in a shelter coop in winter. When raised by the parents the young are not aggressive at all. Some pairs have even
    stared to lay later when the weather is better.
    So, if looking for Cape Barrens, always try to get parent raised birds. Yes, they have to be penned separately. Mated pairs should not be penned next to each other. They usually dismiss little ducks, but will bully other geese.
    They are a joy with young, great parents. Stay away from short, non upright birds. Make sure the female is submissive to the male. They do not need alot of water. Many times they breed on land.

    Roger Thibault, Swansea,Ma
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    Mar 20, 2008
    [​IMG] Roger Thats interesting that the parent raised birds are less aggressive. Hope you and your birds are doing well. Shawn

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