Anyone raise Chocolate turkeys?


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
Daggett, upper Michigan
I got a batch of Chocolate turkeys about 2 years ago and ended up with one survivor, Imelda. She is very friendly and very maternal. At first she adopted the Silkie bantam chicks I raised her with as her babies, and went they died she bonded to other chickens and now she's mother-henning the guinea pair she's penned with.

I hope to get her a mate this year of some breed or other so she can have turkey babies. I may let her try to hatch out some of her own. I'd really like it if I could find another Chocolate turkey for her but I live in upper Michigan (near Menominee) and don't think its too likely.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has Chocolate turkeys, and what their impression of the breed is. My Imelda is so friendly, I've let her free range and she comes right up to me if she suspects I might have something edible for her.
Sandhill Hatchery has them, they are a rare variety and almost died out, I doubt if you could get just one from him, you might be able to get some hatching eggs for a small number.

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