Anyone raise geese for down?

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    I'm very interested in doing this and can't find much on the subject in my local library and nothing online either.

    If you do, what breed seems best? How often can you pick their down and what time of year? Do geese get broody and produce offspring as easily as chickens, or has that been bred out of them, as well? How much down would a pair of geese produce in a year?
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    i dont think you can pick thier down . Well you could but i think it would deffinitaly hurt them ! Maybe when they moult you could go around and pick up thier feathers ??
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    From what I understand most down is a byproduct of raising geese for slaughter.
  4. Some cruel people raise the geese, and then (in the spring i think) hold the geese down and pull the down out of the goose. I think it is so cruel.
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    I read an article once in Country Woman, where the Mennonites raise geese for this purpose. They pull down from two strips on the abdomen that would normally slough off for setting on eggs. They say it is not a painful process and they regrow it shortly. I think they said they could do this two times a year but I can't remember and can't find that mag anymore.

    I did read where most commercially obtained down is from slaughter of geese raised for pate. Now THAT is a cruel process, if ever there was one! They basically confine those geese, shove a tube down their throats and feed them so much corn product that their livers become enlarged and softened. Nasty!!!

    Down isn't pinfeathers, but a more hairlike growth, therefore not as difficult to remove. The cheaper down has some small pinfeathers in it, I believe.

    Folks used to raise geese for just this purpose in the old days, when down mattresses and pillows were more prevalent.

    Actually, this post is not to weigh the merits of the process but to find out more information. Please refrain from posting your opinions about cruelty to the animals, as this is not related to the original question. Thank you! [​IMG]
  6. I can say my opinions if i'd like, as I am not breaking any rules. I was stating how cruel it is. As for you wanting information, I think it would be easier to look up this cruel practice online. It is like ripping hair out of your head. Only the goose should rip out its down when it is ready to. Also, froie gras (i think thats how its spelled), is also a very sick and cruel process, like you had stated. Thank you and have a nice day. [​IMG]

    but a more hairlike growth,

    So it doesnt hurt when you rip hair out of your head? Just asking.

    Read this:
    Not only is hand-harvested goose down frowned upon, it is actually banned in most countries around the world.

    Why, you ask?

    Well, hand harvesting was (and still is according to this particular eBay seller) a method used to collect goose down in various parts of the world. This method involves taking live geese & ducks (yes, I said LIVE) and then pulling the feathers and down off of them by hand (ala the name 'hand-harvested goose down')

    Does hand-harvesting hurt the live goose or duck?

    YES, absolutely it does! How would you like having the hair pulled out of your head, or worse yet, your fingernails pulled out while you were being restrained?

    From this site:
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    Oh, don't misunderstand me! If your opinion would help me garner the information that I wish, I would certainly welcome it, but it can't, so I don't feel its relevant to the subject.

    If you simply MUST express your opinion, then that is surely your perogative, and far be it from me to deny you the privilege. But I did ask nicely, as I do not wish to start a debate about the merits of the practice. I don't want this to dissolve into a post about people's feelings. I just want a little information, is all. If anyone can give me some real information relevant to the subject, I welcome the input. [​IMG]
  8. I was just trying to inform you on live-plucking.

    I dont think that there is a humane way to harvest down from geese. Other then, if the geese are humanely killed for meat, then to pluck the down out.

    [​IMG] I dont want to turn it into a debate either.

    ETA: I think this website has some information, but my internet is being very slow for some reason, even though I have DSL. But here it is
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    Thank you for that information. Not entirely helpful for my needs. [​IMG]

    2. No PETA or Cock fighting posts, period!​
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