Anyone raise Ringneck Doves??? HELP!!!!

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  1. willow

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    May 5, 2008
    Sherman, NY
    I need help. I have several pair of ringneck doves. I had one that became "off balance" and then went on its side and could not get up. This happened over about a week. She still continued to eat and drink if I put it next to her. She just died a week ago.
    I went out to do chores yesterday and another is doing the same thing. It is having a hard time walking without it's wings out to balance it self. Still eating with no obvious injuries.
    I feed wild bird seed with cocktiel grit on the side. It's only in my 1 cage. I have 2 other cages setting eggs and doing fine. Oh, and I have a pair on eggs in the cage with the "sick" one.

    Help, please!! I don't want to lose my doves, I really love them.

    Thanks for ANY information.
  2. Sarree

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    May 18, 2008
    Akron Ohio
    I have a lot of doves, I don't know whats wrong with yours but you can get meds from Foys pigeon supplies. Maybe you can email them to get advice.

    Heres what I do for mine to keep them happy.

    They love thawed peas, corn (just run hot water over frozen peas or corn til thawed. they really love this.

    millet sprigs, they love

    finely shreadded cheddar cheese

    try differant fruits and veggies to see what they like.

    now and then poultry crumbles

    water baths or finely mist spray.

    must be able to sun now and then

    hope this helps.

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