Anyone raise standard size Sultans? Want some eggs please!!!


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Southern Indiana
I am wanting some eggs or day old standard size Sultans
I have some hatching soon, but I would really love to have some other blood in the group.
I got my eggs from IDEAL Poultry. Just be SURE they send you STANDARDS.

I requested STANDARDS, PAID for STANDARDS & hatched out bantams.
Otherwise, you can find them on occasion on eBay.

My bantam is almost a year old & has yet to lay a single egg.
I have 3 Sultans-2 Roos and 1 hen. How large are the standards and how small are the bantams? I ordered standard ones last year-so mine are 1yr old. My hen is laying a very soft shelled egg- it pops like a water balloon right now. They are separated (only 1 roo is with her-poor girl, I didn't want to have both of them with her) and have added grit and oyster shells to her feed. SO hopefully soon the eggs will be hard shelled. Will let you know if they are and I'll get back to you then.

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