Anyone see Soul Surfer?


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Mar 11, 2011
Did anyone see the movie Soul Surfer?
it is my FAVORITE movie!!!!

Bethany Hamilton is amazing, I can't believe how strong her faith is. It really inspired me to get closer to God. I think its amazing that she got right back in the water after the attack to do what she loves.

After I saw the movie a zillion times, I order the book Soul Surfer, as well as the Soul Surfer Devotion book she wrote. and on top of that I got the movie sound track!!!!!!!

What did you all think of the movie??



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Aug 25, 2008
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doesn't she get a limp bitten off while she is surfing? I'm sure it's a wonderful movie, I'm just WAY too much of a scared cat to watch something like that.

That is one scene at the start of the movie. The movie is about her, her recovery, her faith that got her through it, and how she achieved championship status after the attack. Please don't blow off this INCREDIBLE story for one scene!! Shut your eyes.
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