anyone sell blue egg layers?


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Leesburg, Ohio
and i'm talking BLUE? no "well, could be blue, but it's a greenish/blue egg"....i'm looking for a no-doubt-about-it-blue-egg? when i go into the auctions or on ebay, some eggs look wonderful! but i ordered some off ebay in january and they looked blue in the pictures, but when i got them, they were no different then my light sage green eggs that my EE lays. i was so disappointed! i will buy some off of whoever is selling the real deal.
BYC member "Illia" has some really nice stock...
I have gotten eggs from here on BYC and other places that show some gorgeous blue eggs but every time I get them they are just average blue and when the pullets start laying it is no different than my hatchery EEs. I give up!
The Ameraucana EE's that we had, laid some nice sky blue eggs, their offspring laid blue, green or pink eggs. No rym nor reason to it.
yep, that's why i hesitate. i'll look into Illia though! how would i find her? do a search?
i DID pray though, after i ordered my EEs from Meyer that God would help the packers pick the blue egg layers for me! i should have faith in my prayer and know that God is involved in my life and wants me to have a blue egg layer!
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I have some eggs in the bator now that are the product of an Easter egger breeding project to enhance a light blue egg color. These eggs themselves are a pretty pale blue. There is a white leghorn somewhere in the ancestry, and the rest of the ancestry is pure ameraucana... the leghorn was used to breed-out any "brown" that gets onto the egg that causes blue eggs to be green. I am not sure I understand all the genetic crap that was explained to me, but these eggs are blue & the offspring are crossed with a true blue-egged ameraucana roo so they should all lay blue eggs with no green tint.

It's a project, though, so I got the eggs really cheap. I got 18 of them for $12. If you were closer, I'd give you a couple of the babies.
wow!! i sure wish i was closer!!! as i was reading your post, i was excited as i read it! thinking you had some hatching eggs for sale! lol!! it's really awesome what you're doing! i just know that if i lived out in the country i would breed chickens for sure! i just love them so much! and i love so many breeds!! i love the people who breed for the look of the bird, as well as those who breed for egg color (or both). Good luck in your project!!

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