Anyone selling eggs in the Farmer's Market - Help!

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  1. I don't know what the risk of being sued is for selling eggs without liability insurance. I know that only like 1 in 20,000 eggs has enough salmonella in it to sicken someone who is immunocompromised, but it only takes one person saying they bought eggs in the farmer's market for me to lose my home. The vendor insurance I was able to look into was $600 for the year. I don't have a farm policy as we are a hobby farm and don't really have a reason for that, so I have nothing to attach a regular "roadside stand" million coverage policy to. Except for that vendor insurance, we don't have options available that I know of. It's not like I'm going to be raking in the $$ either, we are going to be selling $.50 above our costs, which will probably only cover the cost of the brochures and everything else, not even paying me, let along me selling an extra 1200 cartons to make up for the cost of the insurance to break even!

    What do you think is the risk? We're in Oregon, but people are just as sue-happy here as they can be in California (1/2 of them are from CA any way [​IMG] ) Do any of you sell in such an arena? do you have insurance? where'd you get it and how much was it?

    Please help me out, the FM is tomorrow and I'd need to prepare for everything for my booth today and tomorrow. I know all the labeling rules and storing etc. I just need help with the whole insurance concept. I'm so nervous, not that I have a lot to lose but what I do have I want to keep!

    Thanks so much!!!
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  2. Oh, and has anyone been to a farmer's market and seen eggs there? I was wondering what people were charging, but the real issue really is the insurance! Thanks.
  3. We have a $1 million Umbrella Liability policy for us that runs about $125 per year. Pretty cheap coverage, we will be raising that to 4 or 5 Million this summer. Check with your insurance agent.

  4. Do you have a farm policy that attaches to though? Who are you covered through? Our homeowner's is with State Farm and they won't do it.
  5. We have a Farm & Ranch policy with State Farm along with the Umbrella Policy with State Farm. Just tell you agent you want an umbrella liability policy, it doesn't name casualties and takes effect after the liability in your home owner's policy is exhausted.

  6. Thanks, I have a call in to them about getting a farm/ranch estimate.
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    Ok, let me start off by saying that I have never been in your position, as far as selling eggs at a FM, or needing that kind of insurance. That said, here is my "out of the box" idea, maybe you could print off little fliers telling folks to be sure to cook their eggs thoroughly. Sort of a nice, friendly reminder that is useful for people eating any kind of eggs, store bought or no. Maybe its a silly brain fart, but it could put your mind at ease. Hand one out with each dozen eggs you sell. Just a thought, good luck!! [​IMG]
  8. that is a great suggestion and i have created a few handouts/flyers, but that won't negate the fact that i am liable for the eggs spreading disease regardless of their handling practices afterwards.

    i do know the risk is low and the first q they ask is "do you wash your hands after going to the restroom EVERY TIME" the second will probably be "have you purchased tomatoes recently" because of the recent salmonella news. but that too doesn't lower the risk.

    i do have a call in for insurance, and i may be setting up the farm as a LLC later this year so this would be great insurance to have and would definately make a great expense for the company [​IMG]

    thanks for the suggestion, i know i want to be part of the solution and prevention not the problem. another flyer may help flesh out the booth at the very least
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    Which Farmer's Market are you selling at? Is it in Portland? They are asking $7 a dozen for free range eggs at the downtown Ptown FM. :eek:

  10. No, not in Ptld, it will be the Forest Grove FM and our price is $5/dozen of ungraded eggs - mainly large but also some xl and mediums, $3/dozen of our smallest (banty) eggs and $7 for our largest/jumbo eggs.

    We are unique though in that 85% of our eggs are green and we only have a dozen white eggs a week max. The other ~10% are brown. We have several older brown egg laying hens that are laying jumbo and painfully huge eggs, and then some of our green egg layers that are in their first lay are laying really really big eggs too.

    I hope to be in the Wed market by next week!

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