Anyone Selling Emu Chicks and Ship?


7 Years
May 22, 2012
Hi yes, I am looking to see if anyone is selling emu chicks and will ship to Connecticut, Pm me if you have or write down below.
Thank you for your time.
I got mine from local farm 3 days ago and now they are in incubator. I paid $30 for each egg and I believe they do shipping with minimum required for shipping. I do not know their availability for the eggs since mine was once of the last. My neighbor got eggs from same place and had 100% of them hatched. PM me if you are still insterested in hatching.
forgot to mention about chicks..... they are selling hatchlings that are week old for $100 straight run and again I don't know their availability for sale or if they are only taking pre-orders to fill.

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