Anyone still breeding Kelly cratty or Bill Braden Cuckoo marans?

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  1. KYBOY

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    Mar 8, 2008
    Several years ago I worked up a nice flock of Bill braden and Kelly Cratty line Cuckoo marans..I was very fond of that line of birds, they were the darkest laying cockoo's Ive came across..Well I got a case of the stupids and sold them a couple years ago and have had no luck finding that line of birds again..Anyone know if they are still around?
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  2. 3riverschick

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    May 19, 2009
    I had a flock of Cratty's years ago. Not any more. great birds. I did find at least one flock of Cratty on the net. some probably has Braden too. best, Karen
  3. 3riverschick

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    May 19, 2009
    here ya go:
    Angi HHH Farms Kelly Cratty line Cuckoo Marans, hatching eggs ( known Angi for years. Quality breeder, real nice person)
    We are currently taking waiting lists for Kelly Cratty Line feather leg Cuckoo Marans ...
    has My birds are from Kelly Cratty and Bill Braden lines, and I've been really happy with them.
    I have an order of eggs coming directly from Bill here shortly--2008
    kelly cratty original ad. i had got my Cuckoo Marans from him in Clarksville, PA in 2005. . don't have them any more.
    I have Samuel, a clean legged rooster from the Fitch line of Cuckoo Marans.
    His 5 ladies are feather legged (one Bill Braden hen and 4 Kelly Cratty line. I
    expect to have very dark eggs available this spring.
    * Cuckoo (Kelly Cratty)

    Best Regards,

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