anyOne tried the new organic Manna Pro ? or Nature Grown?

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    Nov 23, 2013
    TSC here got some in .. only in 10 lb bgs and 5 pound starter crumbes....It is expensive Ibelievr I mpaid $12 for tge pellets. Havent opened it yet.. cause I know they wont eat Pellets....... crumbles#5 was I believe $8.......
    I priced on ebay non GMO etc and it was reasonable but the DANG shipping was almost twice for the product......
    I got supposedly 2 bags of organic brans here. at least one is infested with grain moths.. They would not eat the first one. it looks to be mostly oats....
    they waste the heck out of the 2nd so called crumbles.. If thrt is crumbles I will bety $5 t not. wish I could see a fresh bag opened. Hubby bought it in big city.. like $40 for 40 poinds..... most of it the "weavil infested"end on the ground
    Can I put a "pantry pest trap on the lid of the plastic new can it is in.???Both stored in garage
    Thanks yall

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