Anyone tried the Rustoleum countertop/cabinet refinishing kits?

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    Hi. I've been wanting to revamp my kitchen for a while. It's functional and the cabinates/countertops are in good shape, I just really don't like the color choices. My walls are a pretty pale green but the countertops are a mix-color that leans towards pink/purple with standard oak cabinetry. [​IMG] It looks like the prior owner painted the walls a popular/neutral-ish color but otherwise left everything in the kitchen as the builder installed it. That's more than a decade without an upgrade. Ironic as the last owner supposidly bought this place to flip and it looks like all he did was paint some walls and put in some tile floors. [​IMG]

    I'd been thinking I'd have to live with it with the costs involved but I ran across the rustoleum transformations stuff and it's got me thinking. I just need to know how easy or hard it actually is because I am far from handy and while my DH is better, he's never done anything like this before either.

    For those who've used it; was it easy? Do you have pointers? How long do you think it would take two non-handy people to complete this? Anyone with kids or animals; how have the cabinet finish held up?

    Thanks, any input is awesome!

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