Anyone tried this plastic nest material?

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    I saw this plastic nest material in the Randall Burkey catalog and thought it might be a good idea for my hens.
    With the strange warm and wet weather we've been having here in the Northeast, I have been fighting lice for about 3 months now. I continuously dust them every 10 days with Poultry Dust and have even tried the Eprinex Pour-on. I have sprayed the coop walls and nest boxes with sevin and took out all the bedding, down to the gravel, in their coop. (12x12 horse stall) The only thing I haven't eliminated in the shavings in the nest boxes. I strip them and sprinkle with DE before putting fresh shavings in every Saturday. I am still seeing bald bottoms and eggs on their feathers. No live bugs....which is strange. how long can the nits survive, or wait to hatch? Anyway, do you think this plastic material would be a good solution?

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    Jul 4, 2011
    I have some friends who swear by it. They just rinse and dry them, put them back. It's probably VERY parasite proof! I'm not sure how ling it takes the nits to hatch...... I put sevin dust in their dust bath area. I hate to use chemical warfare, but I wanted those awful things GONE! I'd give those mats a whirl. I just switched to shredded corrugated cardboard. The straw was moldy, they kicked eggs all over the coop with pine shavings..... Shredded cardboard has been good so far.

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