Anyone tried those plastic owls?


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A resident hawk has discovered my bantams and guinea's which free range during the day. I've been lucky enough to have seen it before it got to them. Brazen little bugger. Has anyone tried one of those stupid plastic owls to deter them with any success?
Hi i am new here, haven't made my intro yet but thought i would chime in on this topic.

They do not deture hawks at my place, i have one that turns its head,kinda spooky looking but the hawks perch on my fence above my chicks right across from the owl.

We had hawks migrating right over my place by the hundreds, the local hawks were flying every where around my place right above my babies, i took some photos of them, i was freeking out, nothing i could have done if they decided to come in for dinner, there were to many, but my dog got to barking and the gradualy flew away, but this has happend 3 times in the last week.

A good dog,fishing line and a pack of guineas that hang with the babies help me keep my babies from becomming a chicken nuget for a hawk, i deal with them every day,

on a good note they never mess with my grown birds,but then i have alot of land for the hawks to hunt for other prey.

here are the local hawks over my chick pen, these were scaring everything ,everyone ran for cover.

here are some of the migrating ones passing over my farm like right over the house, they would swirl around in a circle then regroop and fly on by freeked me out till i figured out what was going on,they usually follow a path down by the coast but i figure sence our last hurrican changed the coast line they are a bit throwed off

we got 2 plastic owls (one for the garden for crows or something and DH thought the chickens needed one...... lol) and it's on the side of the run. I don't know if it's actually done anything. At first it looked rediculious (which i'm sure it still does lol) but now I don't even see it when i'm out there. I guess we'll be keeping it there just as a precaution. No harm done by not having it there.

and to Zazouse..... HOLY CRAP THATS A LOT OF HAWKS!

And zazouse...are you SURE those are hawks??? I've never seen more than 4 floating around in the deep blue up there?? Sure they're not sea gulls or something??? lol Seriously though...have you seen them up close? What kind are they?
OMG, those hawks, they look like they'd attacke my dogs!!!
I have a plastic owl whose head turns, I keep it on our ppol deck to keep birds from sitting and poopong on it, it works, now for hawks, I doubt it.......especially yours

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