Anyone try making goat cheese from store goat milk?

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    I tried this some time ago with store bought goats milk, of course it was pasturized and homoginized. I used a recipe and rennet tablets and it was an utter failure.. it didn't even thicken up much past the consistency of cream. Anyone have any experience doing this and if so can you use store bought milk or do I need raw milk? If someone has a recipe that works for them for either cows milk or goat cheese , I'd love to take a look at it. Thanks!
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    You have to add, I think, calcium chloride to it -- go to -- the New England Cheesemaking company-- they have a ton of information there on how to adjust store bought milk to make cheese. I know you can't use ultra-pasturized -that won't work, but the regular kind will if you can find it. Never tried it with goats' milk but had success w/cow's milk.
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    Just spent the last hour on that site and sent them 30 bucks... good resource, thank you so much! Will give the cheese making thing another whirl.

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