Anyone want a chance to win a $200 gas card by voting for me?

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    Back in April of this year I wrote a travel article for my blog about our family's trip to Blue Spring State Park. The article was featured on a travel website called "Road Trip Journal," where they hold a monthly Reader's Choice contest and award the winning blogger a $100 gas card. Oddly enough I won for April and received the $100 gas card as my prize!! It was very cool to receive the gas card since I've never won anything before and who can't use a gas card these days?

    I just got an email from Road Trip Journal saying that they hold a "Best of the Best" contest each December, where the winning bloggers from each month are entered into a final contest and the one with the most votes gets a $500 gas card.

    Since I won for April, I'm up for the "Best of the Best" award, so I'm trying to get the word out with the hopes that I'll get enough votes to win. For a little incentive to get people to vote, Road Trip Journal will randomly award a $200 gas card to one of the people who casts a vote - so by going to the site and voting, you will be in the running for your own prize!!

    So here is my shameless plea for votes. If you'd like to get a fellow chicken-lover one step closer to winning a $500 gas card, please visit Road Trip Journal's webpage and vote for me to win the "Best of the Best" award for 2009. Don’t forget, by doing this, you'll be entering yourself in the drawing for the $200 gas card. Voting is only open in December, so the clock is ticking.

    Here is the main website if you want to check them out:

    And here is the link to vote for me in the Best of the Best contest and enter to win the $200 gas card:

    When you visit the page you'll see a listing of the 11 entrants. There's me hanging out in spot number 4 on April for Blue Spring State Park, FL. On the upper right of the window you'll see an "Enter the Survey here" button. When the form opens, just vote for "Blue Spring State Park, FL" (or any of the entrants if another one is your favorite - after all, it is a democracy) and then enter in your email address, hit submit and you're done. I don't think I stand a great chance of winning since I'm up against some great articles, but I know it never hurts to try.

    And if you've got any friends who might like a chance at a $200 gas card and think voting for me is more exciting than Christmas shopping, maybe you could send them off to vote too? I know it's just going come down to pure numbers and the more people that know about it, the better my chances of winning.

    Because I have chickens to feed. And it's a long drive for their food. And nothing's more depressing than a skinny chicken.

    Thanks all!!


    VOTE HERE: (#4 Blue Spring State Park)

    (For those of you who don't know, Road Trip Journal is an online magazine featuring road warriors and the small communities they love. Road Trip Journal is a great place to start planning your next road trip with first hand accounts and recommendations by other road warriors who have been there-done that! I'm not affiliated with them at all…. I just happen to be featured on their site as a blogger, and happen to be in this contest. I can attest to the fact that the site is a real site and the gas cards are legit - and a legit gas card is my favorite kind of gas
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    I'll certainly make that a favorite and vote daily. I live close to Blue Springs and it is one of my favorite places to go. We have taken our boat there on the St. Johns River, that's a true Florida treat. Eveywhere you look you can see eagles, osprey, hawks, Manatees(in the winter months) alligators and lots and lots of fish.

    By the way I'll vote for you, but I also have to say, great article !


    I checked everywhere on that site, I don't see if we are limited on how many times a day we can vote, any input?
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    I voted and will try to return for you.
  4. Imp

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    Can we vote daily or just once?

    I voted and it was a great article.

    Good luck


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