Anyone want to buy my old chicken run? (Central Illinois)

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Central Illinois
    It was constructed and used since last year... and I'm selling it since I've got a new one! It's called "between the new fence and shed"! Nice and shady!

    The roof has plastic seed corn signs screwed on for rain and sun protection, but you can either remove them or add more as you like. The handle is great for moving it around the yard and works best when you lift that end and cart it along.

    Anyway, here the pictures:





    I can't seem to get my husband to estimate the cost of materials, but from the few rambling numbers he threw out it sounds like $60 or so, but either way, I'll take best offer. (local pick-up)

    If no body wants it, I thought it would be great to grow blueberry bushes under... to keep the birds (and chickens) off. My daughter thought that was quite ironic! [​IMG]
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