Anyone want to split a chick order with me? Washington/Idaho/Oregon?

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  1. I'd like to order 8 or so chicks (I don't have room for much more than that) but most of the hatcheries I've found require 15-25 chicks as their minimum order.

    I'm hoping to find someone to split the shipping cost with me & fill up the rest of my order.....

    Let me know within the next few days if anyone's interested....or I'll have to fill my order with meat birds! LOL [​IMG]
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    I'm in Portland OR/ Vancouver...

    But it seems to me that the higher quality chicks are to be found right here among the people on this forum!

    Everyone's so accommodating and willing to help people out... I'd see if you can find them from someone close by...

    Also... I called feed stores just in the portland/vancouver area, and found:

    Gold/silver/blue-red laced wyandottes, buff orps, giant cochins, a wide array of seabrights, japanese somethin-or-others, old english bantams, jersey giants, lots of meat birds, RIR's, barred rocks, and a crested/polish shipment (breed specific is anyone's guess, they said.

    If you happen to be from this are, PM and I'll tell you how to find em...

    If not, try calling all the feed stores [​IMG]
  3. Thanks...I'm in Okanogan (middle of no where) and our ONE feedstore already ordered their chicks and they're already sold/gone. Sighs. The feed store dude wasn't sure if they'd place another order, or not.

    The other feedstore is a 60 mile round trip and they've got their chicks coming in tomorrow...but it's too late to add to any orders...

    I'm specifically wanting to order some Salmon Faverolles and Sumatras...not something that feed stores normally get...[​IMG]

    My parents live in Portland and they're coming up on Memorial Day weekend...and on the 4th of July.
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