Anyone with an OLD house ever renovate and save

Carols Clucks

9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
And old vintage linoleum rug?

All of the rooms in the house have them. The condition is fair to poor and they have been cut to fit almost wall to wall. I want to save the one in a bedroom and to fit in the bathroom once I get around to renovating it too.

Does anyone know the best way to pull up and old one and roll it up?

I am thinking about cutting it about a foot bigger than the bathroom and trying to save the center part of it. The edges just crumble where I have touched it, but that was in a bad corner to start with.

Also, any tips on sanding vintage bead board or removing sections from the wall? I am thinking the dremel multi-max is the way to go to cut sections free.

Back when the house was built this back bedroom was a kitchen, the bead board runs all the way to the 9' ceiling, but 4 walls of that is a bit more than I want. I want to pull down the top 4' and drywall it. I want to save all the bead board and use in rooms that were updated and have no more bead board left.


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