Anyone with Experience in shipping adult chickens?

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  1. I need to know the fesibility of shipping a 1yr old roo from Indiana to NY. Anyone done this or researched the steps before? Can you tell me what steps to take if I were to ship him? It seems it would be rather stessful but . . . a stressful trip to a new home vs. chicken dinner?
    I have checked into a authorized live shipping container and I believe I have to contact the ESO for a auth. shipping drop off. [​IMG]
    One "TO DO" I found was to put in the box a piece of fresh fruit, such as an apple, for moisture for the trip, as it won't spill or wilt quickly like veggies would. O.Kkkkyyyyy what else?
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    Straw for bedding and a USPS approved box. MY USPS said they have to be shipped overnight. Your might say the same
  3. Have you shipped before?
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    I have not shipped before but this is what USPS has told me. If I can find the link for you. There was a thread about shipping live birds.
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    I know that you should put apple pieces in for food and moisture so they don't dehydrate. I checked into this a couple months ago for shipping a banty rooster to okiechick and to ship him there from idaho would have cost $45 for 10 pounds and that wasn't including the price of the special box that I would have had to buy elsewhere. We abandoned the idea because his legs weren't made of gold. [​IMG]
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    I shipped my first two birds the last two months and both got to their destinations under 24 hours and both were supposed to be two days.

    Go on the USPS website and check under express mail. Put your zip code in and the destination zip code to determine if you can ship overnight. I would think Indiana to NY would be 24 hours.

    You will need a box, some pine shavings and I used cucumber for a snack. You also need to know if NY is an NPIP state. If so, you might need NPIP paperwork to send with the chicken.
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  8. We abandoned the idea because his legs weren't made of gold.

    That's what I'm afraid of. [​IMG] I understand fully! I'm hoping to split the cost of shipping. I have a few more weeks before I need to oust him fm his living quarters.​
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    Trio Shippers for Chickens
    For shipping 1 rooster and 2 hens or for 3 hens only!
    Great for bantams

    Trios with filters, already assembled, for mailing thru the USPS.
    Ready-to-go 3-Stall Trio shippers:
    Quantities 1-6: Cases of 7
    $23.95 @
    Filters already glued in

    So to ship an 8 pound bird with bedding, etc (we'll call it 10 pounds), ordering the box (plus shipping) would cost me over $70.

    Think I'll stick with growing them myself...
  10. Thanks for the link to the boxes! That is also where the list some "DO's" and DON'Ts" when shipping birds. I think this is going to cost us an arm and a leg. [​IMG] or is that a "wing & a leg" or two? [​IMG]

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