Anyones ducks gone wild? Ours started staying out at night and this morning one is missing :)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by deedles, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Apr 5, 2007
    We have (had) a flock of 7 Ancona ducks since last May. They've come back to their house at dusk like clockwork until a couple weeks ago and they were no where to be found at dusk. All showed up in the morning and our Maremma LGD was outside on the job, Well, now the dog is in heat and NOT outside and 2 nights ago same deal... no ducks. All 7 showed up in the morning, though. Last night my hubby saw the ducks by their house, started out to put them away and they took off and jumped in the river. We live on a small river and the ducks have free access to it and they spend most of their day in and out of it. So this morning the ducks were all standing in their house except for the leader, our male named Blondie. No sight of him, no feather, no blood, nothing. And the other ducks are acting rather subdued and quiet. We have predators in the acreage behind us like coons, possums, fox, probably coyote, owls, eagles...

    So that's our sad story. We're going to double down and getting these birds put away tonight even if we have to do it early.

    So do domestic ducks tend to go wild if they have free access to natural waters and other wild ducks?
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    It doesn't seem likely, I'm sad to say. Domestics don't fly well, and I think it would be hard for them to find a mate or a wild flock to join. You'll have to content yourself that your brave alpha, Blondie, gallantly laid down his life protecting the flock and giving them time to escape from some predator. The flock will sing his praises for generations to come.
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    Owls eagles and coyotes carry everything off with them if the catch something, a swooping eagle (if it made a clean catch) would probably leave nothing behind. Im sorry to say that he is probably gone [​IMG]
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    Ducks don't go wild, but they do respond to their environment.

    If one of them were attacked, they would all be very upset, some traumatized, and that affects their behavior.

    The predators watch. They can see when the dog is not around. They return once they find they can get at the flock.

    For now, while the dog is confined, the ducks need to be managed more carefully.
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    Can you try some food? ducks and food mix very well together. They don't go wild but i do get the issue with some just not coming in. My flock had grown a lot over the years and my whole methods have changed.

    I do call to my ducks at night and toss food.. that helps many to return the fenced, housing areas. Now do all? nope. I have some that i have simply never seen again.

    I do know for the mallard derived, the rivers/ponds are a huge influence and not a positive one for getting them in at night. I had some trouble last year with my Muscovy/buff x's crossing the road to the river... i finally just penned them up. So far this year the habit has not returned.

    Unfortunately, with you having a LGD out and no longer preds will be sniffing about... for the most part i am pretty good here in the day, night is my larger issue but i would try food and seeing if that encourages a habit for them to return more promptly.

    Sorry for your loss and good luck.
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