Anything Wrong with Hens Laying in Basement of Hen House?


7 Years
Nov 19, 2012
Fernley, Nevada
One of my Iowa Blues just laid an egg for the first time in the basement under the hen house. At first I thought she was digging a hole for a dust bowl, but she laid an egg. I waited for a few minutes and then went in and retrieved the egg. I do have nest boxes for the hens inside the house, but she didn't use the nest box. Is there a problem with her laying under the hen house instead? It's clean and soft there.

Thanks for the help.
It was her first egg.....and I have sand (DG mix) as the flooring in the coop the run and their entire enclosure...I also have straw and shavings in the nest boxes.....I thought she was making a dust bowl for her to roll around in but to my surprise she laid an egg.....I clean their coop and enclosure daily and a big clean up weekly.

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