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    Jan 27, 2011
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    I am not sure if I am doing this right or posting this in the right place.

    I am looking to meet up with and trade some items. I have sustainability semi organic (I don't want to say organic because I don't know what was applied to the soil before I bought the land six years ago) eggs, fresh dug potatoes, culinary herbs, seeds for various plants, and rooster feathers available to trade.

    Make an offer for the trade. I am hoping to trade for other produce since I my garden did poorly this year. I am a fan of squash, beans, tomatoes, dent corn, flour corn, and sweet corn.

    As the season goes on I will have other produce available including Jerusalem Artichoke. I can also make jewelry, do bead work and weave pine needle baskets. I learned pine needle basketry under my mother who has baskets in museums. I am also willing to trade lessons for my art work with others for lessons on their skills.

    I am willing to trade for supplies, tools, labor, animals, produce, lessons, plants, and anything else you are interested in offering up. Just pm me.
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