apa nationals in shawnee, Oklahoma! who alls going to be there?


10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
howdy all, its been awhile, glad to see everyone again, we're headed for the nationals at shawnee, oklahoma in december, I am wondering who all is c
going to be there? I look forward to seeing everyone this year. I will be wearing my byc hanging with my peeps shirt has mawchickkidie onthe back so look for me
and stop and say hi and chat for a bit. maw
I am planning to be there as a spectator and maybe a buyer. We live nearby so as a new chicken person, I was thrilled to find out this was happening in my backyard! I am excited!
wow, this is the 3rd thread I posted on about Shawnee... everyone must be excited to go. See everyone there.
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I am so excited to go! This will be my first show to attend other than fairs. I posted this somewhere else on the forum, but I'm gonna put it in here too. I am looking for two white (or one white, one splash) little bearded silkie pullets to be my very loved and spoiled backyard (and occasionally in the house) girls. They don't have to be show quality, just sweet healthy girls with big fluffy crests. If anyone can bring or knows of someone who can bring a couple of girls fitting that description, I'd be overjoyed! Thanks!

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