APA or ABA Judges who breed/sell? (Any breed)


Queen of the Coop
Jan 14, 2015
Placerville, California, USA
Hello there everyone. I'm a big fan of going breeders over hatcheries, and I'm always looking for quality birds - in terms of both SOP and vigor/health.

I've noticed lately that some of the best birds I've come across are bred by APA/ABA judges. Heck, I've got some Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks in my yard from Dick Horstman's stock, and they are of stunning quality. I've seen many other examples of this. Just looking at Walt Leonard's Ko Shamo... wow.

I'm looking to see how many judges out there are actively breeding and selling. I'd love to hear about any you know of, regardless of breed - I love all breeds. Well, except Leghorns. Sorry Leghorn fans.


5 Years
Dec 27, 2014
I need to follow this discussion. Ive done internet searches for certain breeds for years without much luck. A lot of websites in search results are no longer in service. I didn't come here to whine, lol. Just hoping to tag along to some good leads. I wish BYC had some sort of section to search for breeders by breed. Looking for Araucanas? Click here, these are the members you should talk to. Otherwise I'm going through literally thousands of posts to find something someone posted in 2008.

Am I being a blond here? Is there some secret awesome search engine I'm unaware of? Sorry to stray from your post, Queen Misha. Its just recent, and might turn up some good leads.

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