Apparently, I'm the highest roost

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    Last night, my Dad went out with me to give the chicks (9 weeks) their treat and put them up in the coop. Since it was getting pretty dark outside, I turned the coop light on and we stood there talking, while waiting on the chicks to finish eating and get on the roosts, since when I turned the light out, it would be pretty dark. As they finished, and started arranging themselves on the roosts, I noticed Peridot (EE) on the top one, which at present, is only 3 feet high), eyeballing me. You know the way - stretching the neck up, tilting the head, turning the neck sideways, tilting the other way. I could tell she was probably estimating the distance and sure enough, about 20 seconds later, she launched - straight to the top of my head! Dad started laughing and I managed to get her moved to my arm and held her up there. Then suddenly Jade (EE) launched from the ground and landed on my "shelf." The Topaz (EE) launched and since she seems to never aim for the support, but instead aims for the back of another chicken, we had a squaukfest for a minute as everyone got settled on my raised arm and shoulder. I told Dad that we're goign to have to start brining a camera out there. Then Mr. Feathers (EE) also launched up, so I had 4 chickens roosting on me! What's really amazing to me, is my EE's are the ones that least like to be held or petted, but they were the only ones to try to perch on me. [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Haha, that is to funny XD
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    I had the same thing happen just a few weeks ago! They did the who side to side eyeballing thing then wham... Wings fluttering (me screeching because I didn't expect it) and I've got 5 chicken on me. The first one clawed me on the lip thoug. Not so fun. But still hysterical.
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    Feb 20, 2011
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    That is hilarious!

    I have only had my pullets for 2 weeks now, but the other day I opened the half door to the coop to look in on them and I got eyeballed (same way you described) and she jumped onto the half door and then onto my shoulder. I can only tell 3 of my 11 apart, so I don't know which one she is, except for everytime I go to the coop or run she eyeballs me, and I know it's her.

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