Apparently the silkies and I will not be home for the next 6 days.

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    Dec 18, 2009
    My next door neighbor lives in London and come to their vacation home if Florida for 1 week a year so I never see them. Their kids are both boys and are 7 and 9. My birds are in a large courtyard that is contained in a way that no one outside can see in but somehow the kids found out I had chickens. Naturally they came to my front door and asked if they could see them. They are the sweetest kids and I feel bad as there are no other kids in the neighborhood so I said yes and let them in.

    I THOUGHT my birds were the calmest most docile animals ever but the first sight of the kids and my birds freaked out ran. I have a Show Girl Roo, 2 Silkie Hens and 2 chicks (6 Weeks Old). My Roo has always been the biggest coward and hid behind a bush while the ladies where screaming and running like the proverbial chicken with a head. I tell the kids to wait and I will go and get a treat because they are going to have to earn their trust. Uma (the mother hen with the 2 kids in tow) sees me split and runs behind me to the kitchen where she just Bawked in circles at the top of her lungs. She is the easiest to handle so I let the kids feed her some fresh corn. I pick up one of the chicks and show the kid how to hold it; the kid brings it to eye level and stares at it remarking “that is the look of pure evil.” He could not see the eyes of the adults because of the plumage and this chick had kind of medium brown eyes so it had that intense pupil. I must say the chick and was definitely giving him the evil eye. I thought that for an 8 year old that comment about a silkie was precious.

    I went to try and get my Roo (Icarus aka “Icky”) and it was the first time ever that he would not let me pick him up and ran from me in a manner that looked strangely like and ostrich. You would have thought I was trying to introduce him to Colonel Sanders. Then the kids asked me about whether they could buy an egg from the grocery store and hatch it. I tell them No because the Rooster has to fertilize the Egg/Hen. Of course they ask me what "that" means. I am mortified as I have never been asked about the birds and the bees by a 9 year old. Immediately I decide to call it quits and tell them I have an appointment and gotta go! The kids did not want to leave but it was really stressing out the birds and me. As I usher them out the front door they say, “Thank you; we are going to earn their trust, we’ll see you tomorrow!”

    I believe that I will be keeping my lights off and closing the drapes for the next 6 days. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 28, 2010
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    I don't blame you for hiding out! I would NOT want to have that conversation!
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    [​IMG] toooooo funny. You need my Jazzy at your door...... i don't have many unexpected visitors..... [​IMG]

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    When I was little I thought fertilizing the eggs meant the rooster had to go over and sit on them. The aggs that is... Hurhur.
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    Explain it to them..... "First the rooster has to buy the hen a shiny trinket and flowers, then he has to get the hen drunk......" When they go home and tell mumsy and daddy I can imagine what happens next.
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    Wait until the parents come pounding on your door, demanding to know WHY you have been talking about fertilization with their kids and using chickens as visual aids! (at least thats how it would play out in my world)
  9. I like Tomhusker's idea, after they tell that to their parents they will not be allowed back. Problem solved
  10. chickenGRAFFITI

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    Dec 18, 2009
    Well, the little boogers came by and knocked on the door 3 times today. We might have to flee under the cloak of darkness tonight. I have told the chickens that they are only able to take one ear of corn each and everything else mush be left behind.


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