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I read recently that I should put 1 dessertspoon of apple cider vinegar and crushed garlic in my girls water everyday for health. Is this so and can I overdo it by using it daily and how do these help them?
if they are laying pickled eggs, i would back off on the amount of vinegar... btw garlic chicken marinading from the inside out has got to be better than with traditional methods
honestly idk, but someone can help and im sure it will be soon
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Don't add vinegar into a galvanized steel waterer. The acidity eats the galvanized coating and the waterer will rust, and it leaches heavy metals into the water (the zinc and stuff in the coating).

It's OK to use ACV in a plastic waterer supposedly.
I'm going to get flamed for this.....but...

Your first priority should be that your hens are kept in clean surroundings with access to the outside and sunshine. They should not be overcrowded.

Clean fresh pasture, and open air is the best tonic for a healthy chicken.

Given this, all you need then is access to a healthy clean fresh water supply, and nutritious feed appropriate to their age, and supplements such as oyster shell calcium for laying hens.

If your water is always clean and fresh, then you won't need stuff like vinegar to help kill bacteria that poor hygiene has created.

Although garlic may be a natural antibiotic, if you raise your chickens right, you won't need to give "sub-theraputic" doses of antibiotic like the "big boys" do, because you have great animal husbandry, and healthy chickens.

Besides....garlic can create eggs with garlic flavor.

God bless you for wanting to do right by your chickens.

Just protect them from predators, and give them clean water, and the best feed you can afford, and plenty of space to be chckens.

That's truly the key! I have 800 chickens thriving on that recipe!

Good luck

Rachel, TX
I totally agree with you, but will add this:

If your water is always clean and fresh, then you won't need stuff like vinegar to help kill bacteria that poor hygiene has created.

I have been using a teaspoon of ACV in the brooder waterer because the babies are messy and even with daily water changes, the waterer gets gross.

I also put a little ACV in the ducklings waterer because their waterer gets gross within a minute of being cleaned.
GAH they are messy!​
When feeding it to horses, we've found that ACV did help at keeping biting flies away. Garlic is often suggested for the same purpose, but we didn't find it had much effect with our horses.
Thanks. I only have 4 girls and they are in the open all day with fresh water, good feed, shelter from the sun, and my company, clean bedding, insects to chase all day and abundant grass, dust to bathe in, so they are happy little chicks, it seems. I will just carry on as I have been.
Thanks again.

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