Apple Cider Vinegar - Essential Everyday Brand?

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  1. Hi all,

    I have two chickens and as winter is getting nearer I want to start giving my chickens ACV. I just remembered today, and I found that I have a one gallon acv from the brand Essential Everyday, and was wondering if it works for chickens.

    I was reading an article about apple cider vinegar and found that is has to be unpasteurised and unfiltered as well as raw. On the container it only says "Great For Food!" and some ways to use it while cooking but says nothing else.

    Does anyone know anything about this ACV?

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    If you don't see the "mother" in it then it's not raw. Basically unpasteured and unfiltered is not clear and has sediment.

    Bragg's brand is an example of inexpensive raw apple cider. Remember not to use in metal water containers.

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