Apple Cider Vinegar, Important, Please Read!

Buck Oakes

5 Years
Feb 9, 2014
Madison/Gluckstadt, Mississippi
Okay so i have a super question involving the health of my ducks. Can apple cider vinegar hurt them in anyway? I've been giving them 1 tbs per gallon in a 2 gallon bucket, and 5 tbs in 5 gallon water container. i do this about twice a week, the days being side by side. Latly my ducks have been coughing, and gurgling, i have no idea what it is, I know ACV is supposed to help with these problems suck as in the crop but its not. What should i do. BTW i use raw unfiltered (organic) Apple cider vinegar.

please help I'm really confused about what to do.


5 Years
Dec 15, 2014
Cabin In The Woods
My waterers are plastic to.The bad thing about that is plastic holds in bacteria and that's why when you milk an animal your suppose to use a metal pail and not plastic so you don't get sick but the ACV should keep that from getting your flock sick which is odd I'm going to research some stuff I'll be back.

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