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    I been adding apple cider vinegar in my chicks water everyday, and I plan on continuing the ACV daily in there water. as long as there around. My question is, how many tablespoons do you add per gal. of water, also I read that you could add fresh garlic to there water or powder to there feed as a precaution for mites and lice, I look forward to others responses
    thanks Jack
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    Great question. My best advice is type 'ACV' or vinegar, or apple cider vinegar into the BYC search box. There are PLENTY of old threads to read that talk about the benefits and amount of ACV to use. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee first...there's lots to read. :caf
    Best wishes!
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    thank you
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    Chickens/Chicks do not really need that all the time...ACV can be used at times of stress....The best thing is fresh water....

    And the garlic, I have never bothered with it....

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    thank you

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