Apple Cider Vinegar


7 Years
Aug 6, 2012
I read some where about putting Apple Cider Vinegar in the water to use as a dewormer? But that it had to be organic. First off I cant find organic apple cider vinegar, secondly how do you know if your chickens have worms or is it more of a preventive measure? We are new to having chickens and havent had our flock a year yet. Any thoughts or advice will be appreciated.
I think its more of a preventive messure, or maybe to treat mild cases. I think the organic stuff is sold at most large grocery mom buys it sometime....she says its really healthy for you and puts it in fruit smoothies....yuck.! Its very acidic though.
A lot of ppl on BYC swear by apple cider vinegar.
It doesnt absolutely HAVE to be organic.
.Supposedly has all kinds of nutritional value to it.
I think the jury is out on if it deworms.No real proof but what can it hurt?
Maybe it does, its acidic.
Possibly the acid does keep the eggs from hatching,. Just put a teaspoon in a gallon of their water.Not a ton of it.Some ppl say more than that but thats what i use.

Mine love it and maybe it is good for them too .... cant hurt.

Worms ...not sure... Mine have never had worms so dont know how you tell. I guess see in their poo like dogs and cats?
What you want is Unpastureized, unfiltered with "Mother" of vinegar in it. It does not de-worm, but helps build up immune systems. I put a tiny dash in my water, not bad, like drinking a dry wine in some ways. It is good for you and good for your chickens, great as in salad dressings too...There are a couple of brands, Wal-mart carries Heinz and a lot of other grocery stores carry Braggs.
Raw means it hasn't been cooked in any way ... organic is a gardening method that doesn't use pesticides. We've noticed using the vinegar makes their poop a lot less smelly than it was and it's also more solid. Other than that ... we haven't noticed anything different.

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