Apple Dumpling Gang!!

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Our grandbaby is 20months old and is almost completely potty trained. He has only missed once in four days!! [​IMG] Well, today on the way to take dh to work (it's over a 2hr drive round trip), we hear this tiny little voice saying something from the back seat... We turned the radio off and sure enough the baby is saying 'pee-pee'. So, dh pulls over and I jump out (it's pouring down rain), unfasten his seat belts/harness, stand him on the edge of the door opening and say 'ok'... He stands there and looks at me, with the funniest look you can imagine and says "potty??".. He wasn't about to use the bathroom, standing in the truck, pants at his ankles, granny standing in the pouring rain--saying "ok, you can go''.. He shook his head, NO, started pulling his pants up... I fasten his belt/harness, dry my seat off, hop in the car and down the road we go.. OF course, there isn't a restroom/gas station/ 7/11 to be found.. We did this FOUR TIMES! I started to feel like I was in the stage coach with the Apple Dumpling Gang!!LOL Any one else remember it!!!

    After we get going on the four try---we hear a tiny little 'ut-o, pee-pee... "... We both just rolled with laughter... Dixie
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    huh...well, i just wanted to say i read this earlier and i think it's a very funny and cute story.

    i've got girls and we've had to pull over to the side of the road and take a walk out in the woods behind the wiegh girls---at the time, 2 & 6, thought mama could not be serious....but if ya gotta gotta go.

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    That is so precious!!! Little kids are just adorable!!!

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