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Nov 17, 2009
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A few things have been eventful this past month. We are now living in our new house, yeah! But I'm still cooking in the old house since our kitchen is far from done. But it's working out ok. The only thing is, our fridge bit the dust. It was a small one that we had planned to use until we got the house (kitchen included) finished and then we would buy the fridge that we really wanted. But that wasn't to be. The small fridge was beyond repair. So we carted everything over to a neighbor's fridge (after I asked her of course) and stowed our perishables there while we went shopping. We had thought about just getting another small fridge for the time being but decided it was smarter to get what we wanted and save money in the long run. So the new fridge is in our new kitchen (wouldn't fit in the old one) and I cook in the old kitchen. Ya know, I used to think it was a pretty neat idea of having the kitchen away from the main house, like they used to do in the olden days. I don't think that way anymore. Think about it! Lots of carrying everything back and forth.

And so it continues...
I guess our appliances have a virus hahaha. After we replaced our fridge the washing machine failed, the motor burned up. So we had to replace that! Then our big tv started doing strange things. That is fixable though, but we have to wait for the parts. Meanwhile we are using the smaller tv, wah wah wah. Then our hard drive started to fail so we replaced that! I am really hoping that this is the end to our appliance failures.


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Sep 14, 2008
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just had to buy a new washer and decided since the dryer was older than dirt to get a set. 50 years old and I have my first matching new washer and dryer.
I can think of a lot more things I would have rather bought.



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Mar 3, 2009
If you want a cheap temp fridge call your local lowes or menards ours takes the old ones off when folks by new and then sell them for under 20.00 at the store... They usually aint pretty but I have gotten two for our building and they work great...


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Apr 2, 2009
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Before we were able to sell our old house, but after we were buying our new one (not the way I recommend buying a new house! but the new one was a sherriff's sale, so we had to pounce on it when it went up for auction) The new one was broken into and the stove was stolen. Since we were paying two sets of mortgages, electric, etc. we sure couldn't replace the stove. The old house had a fairly new stove but we needed to leave it to help sell the house. So I'd have to go to the old house to cook, then bring it to the new one to eat. Totally crazy I tell ya!

CoopCrazy has a super idea - give it a shot and I hope it pans out for you!!


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Feb 21, 2010
Yea being without the basic' appliance's stink.Many years ago when We bought our first new mobile home.After a few year's hubby decided he wanted to upgrade our appliance's.Or credit was a litlle less than desirable with all the medical bill's etc.So he went rent to own.Yep was all good and they were nice until He got laid off after only 7 month's into job.Well they went Back!We lived on a tiny little fridge a friend loaned Us luckily the microwave was new and We cooked on a hotplate for 6 months. Had a few other instance's over the year's like sleeping on an air matress and got some issue's now even. But it will work out.Hehe I got a couple Coleman cooler's and a gas grill if i need them.


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Apr 14, 2009
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My theory in appliances is to buy a cheap one or a used one, and if it quits at least you don't have your "life savings" tied up in it.

Computer? Got a really nice server on ebay
Washer? Got a cheap one after my super expensive front-loader died, like I said, if it quits I'll just get another cheapie
Fridge? We did buy new at the same time as the front-loading washer, fortunately it's worked wonderfully. Fridges are my exception to the rule, because I prefer to buy the kind with the freezer on the bottom and they are hard to come by used...
Freezer? Got a freebie that my uncle picked up somewhere. It's old as the hills and the interior light shorts out bulbs, but it holds a nice steady 0*F. I don't even think it's using THAT much electricity.
Stove/oven? Got the cheapest new model they sell at Home Depot ---- BEST purchase I ever made! I've been soooo happy with it!

When our fridge went out in our apartment (and the landlady said "that's impossible" when I told her the thing was holding 50*F) I used a cooler with ice for like a week. If I remember correctly we were able to eat/use up MOST of the stuff from the freezer, so losses were kept to a minnimum

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