Application of Garden & Poulty Dust (w/ Permethrin) around the Hen House (Preventative)

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    Hello everyone,

    My question pertains to the use of Permethrin products around my hen house. I went to Tractor Supply Co. (i.e. Heaven) yesterday for Sevin Dust, but the man who helped me recommended Y-Tex GardStar Garden & Poultry Dust (with Permethrin) saying "it's safer". As a kid, my parents always used Sevin Dust, but I took his advise and walked out with the "Poultry Dust".

    My questions now is: How Do I Use It???

    The application directions on the box are way larger than my needs, I have a 6x4ft. coop with 4 hens (getting ready to lay any day). Does anyone use this product, and if so what is your application strategy? Do you apply it directly to the birds? I have not had signs of mites/pest problems so this is more or less preventative measures.

    Thanks! ~Annabel

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    I would go with the technique you would for the Sevin. I don't routinely dust with Sevin unless I found lice or mites. If a building has lots of cracks I'll sometimes use one of those hand pump garden dusters and pump some Sevin into the crevices.
    I do dust everything with DE when I do a thorough cleaning - especially corners and all along the roosts.

    Don't put it on the birds unless they have mites.
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