April 2018 Chicken Show


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Welcome to the April 2018 Chicken Show!

Here's the rules and info:
  • No more than three pictures per person.
  • Chicks and chickens of any breed and age can enter.
  • Please try not to have more than one chicken in a picture.
  • This show is just for chickens; please don't post ducks etc.
  • Please post with info about the chicken (example below)
  • All BYC rules apply.
  • There aren't any proper prizes- this is just for fun!
  • Pictures are judged on the following things:
  • Focus
  • Pose
  • Background
Here's an example of the info:


Name: Peep
Age: 5 days
Breed: Hybrid

If you don't know the age, put Unknown.

If you don't know the breed, put Mixed or Hybrid.

The competition will end on the 30th of April.

Ready, Set, Enter!
Name: Sunny
Breed: Buff Orphington
Age: One year
Personality: Sunny is full of character she is funny she is always happy and SO CUTE! Sunny loves people and food lol. She never has a bad day she lays me a light brown egg that is a good size. Sunny is my chicken that is willing to adventure on her own she does not feel the need to be with her sisters 24/7.


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Name: Buffy
Breed: Buff Frizzle Silkie
Age: 2 months
Personality: Young, but MIGHTY! Buffy has been very curious since she/he zipped out of her egg! We have many older chickens but she/he is on the top of the pecking order. She/he is kind am sure helps find food and yummy bugs for siblings. :hugsShe/he wonders far off but others follow and loves to hop up and snuggle up on my lap. :love
Name: Gonzo
Breed: Mixed
Age: 3 years
Gonzo was bound for the stew pot because he was one rooster too many at my friend's farm. I was looking for a rooster and thought he was adorable. He loves his ladies and protects them fiercely, even giving them the warmest part of the roost. He's a very personable rooster with a wheezy crow. I love his little "floof" on top of his head. It stands up when he's alert or upset. I'd love to know what breeds he is.


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Name: Karat
Breed: Ameraucana/Easter egger
Age: 1 year
This kid is skittish when you first meet her. Don't be fooled though, she is super social and will literally roll over for a good belly rub. She never shuts up and that is one thing I love about her. She practically flew out of the egg- we had to trim her wing feathers because she is insanely good at flying! Her best buddy is actually a big rabbit right now. She started sitting on top of the rabbit as a young pullet and it was very endearing. The rabbit loves her too, grooming her and asking to be groomed. Karat doesn't understand rabbit language very well though. More liable to poop on her then groom her. Anyhow, she is a very dear bird and I could talk about her all day, but there are other entries to read too! :love

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