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REplying here to your PM b/c it said I couldn't send this directly to you cuz yer box be full

I don't think I'd 'waste' hardware cloth on an apron, with what hardware cloth costs these days
-- just use anything that whatever you're trying to keep out can't dig through, in terms of mesh size and material strength. Like if you are worried about weasel type things you would need a smaller mesh size than if you were just concerned about foxes and dogs and such. 2x4 welded wire should do for most purposes (not weasels).

Another option, either instead or in addition, is to use something heavy like BIG pavers or very large rocks or blocks of concrete rubble. You still need at least a short apron tucked under the edge of those, of course -- for hi-risk situations or for the paranoid, use a normal, several foot wide full apron. Note that some very rare individual foxes or coyotes may have enough experience at this sort of thing to start back further and dig under the apron - not something to really worry about unless you are in a situation with long-term intense predator pressure where they're living largely off domestic animals, but, just so you know it is not *absolutely* 100% guaranteed protection. (Although neither is buried wire unless you're burying it like 4' deep)

To me, one big advantage of an apron over buried wire is the no digging thing that you mention -- also, it is easier to monitor things so that you will notice (maybe
) when/if the mesh starts to rust down to the point of weakness, and will be easier to replace then, too. Don't let people tell you that galvanized wire won't rust -- as soon as the galvanized coating is scratched, which I guarantee it will be, especially buried under dirt with gravel and rocks and sand and little mineral particles in it, rust *will* begin to form. Galvanization just buys you more time is all.

Oh and have fun with your horse



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