Aprons for sale or trade, Illinois (free shipping)

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    Aprons arent just for little old ladies anymore, I try to make them fun, flirty and functional. Will be adding more soon. Click on the pics for detailed description and pricing. I make them affordable. I dont take shortcuts, ties are double fabric (look the same on both sides) as is the waist. All double turned around the apron itself to avoid fraying or ugliness. I sew in coordinating colored threads, I dont just use black and whites. If a particular apron doesnt have a pocket and you want one, please let me know, I might be able to do one for you at no extra charge. If you are wanting a certain kind of apron, just ask. I can do custom orders, but they do take time.
    One size fits most, if you are ummmmmmm.....rather large, they might not fit you. I can do larger sizes, more fabric means more cost though. My 'mom' is a petite size 4 or 6 and she wears them tied to the front. My sis is a 16 and she ties to the back with a little more tie to spare, so might go larger. My measurements are on each apron description, so measure yourself to be sure. I use 100% cotton. If there is a flaw, I lower the price of the apron and let the customer know about it. Prices are on the apron titles.


    You might have to copy and paste, not sure. Will take a check, but it must clear to be mailed off, you will get it quicker to spend a few cents on a money order. I also have a paypal acct. Aprons are one of a kind as of now, so it is forst come, first serve. I will update my account accordingly as pending or sold.

    I will also trade for ..... ( can even do part money part trade from you)

    gerber prefold diapers, new packs (usually 12 in a pack) Not flatfolds!!
    Flannel in baby patterns, yardage,new
    Buzz lightyear or toy story stuff
    bezel wire
    sterling silver wire (sterling being the operative word, I practice wire wrapping with wal mart junk, like to make final things with sterling)
    Fabric in plaids
    Tattoo fabric/rockabilly fabric
    Brugmansia seeds (NOT datura) or cuttings
    White sage seeds

    Try me, I do a little bit of everything, wire wrap, collect natural things (stones,thing made from natural materials, etc)sew, make a lot of baby stuff, garden,cook, etc. I try to work with people, but sometimes I am just not in need of certain things. Thanks for looking. Will check my e mail at least two times a day.

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