Aprox 1.5 yo hen labored breathing/weezing and strange noises

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    it has been below freezing several nights here in Louisiana. Last night it was 19. Everyone has been sleeping on the front porch since I can keep it more toasty in there. I was awakened before the alarm went off this morning by a strange chicken noise and at first I thought it was my rooster bugging one of the younger girls, but I went out to find that my oldest hen was breathing heavily and making the strange noises. She was acting normal all of yesterday and last night... it's almost like someone were trying to strangle her or she has the hiccups. "meep, Skwak" is what I hear and then she has to take a moment to get settled in again. Her eyes and nose are clear and visually she seems otherwise fine. When she is calm she weezes some.
    Does anyone have any advise?
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