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    Okay, so I may have mentioned that when refilling and replacing the 5g bucket we use for a waterer that DH snapped off the nipple? (boy that was an interesting wake up lemme tell you) so we fixed our waterer with the one spare we had. But I'm concerned... what if we have a problem with the spare? It's annoying to have to pay $8+ in shipping for a $2 item. So I'm trying to think of alternatives that'll work as well as they do, that are available locally.

    So, questions... aquarium tubing (or the like) is that okay to use outdoors? Figure it's okay for the water, but don't know doodly about UV and whatnot.

    Also, can tubing like that deal with water, dispensing it, or would it lock up in a vacuum? I know with pressure (for air or water) that it'd be okay, but what if all the pressure it got was the weight of water in a 5g bucket? Would that be enough to push the water through to the waterer, and could it work as the old school mason ones do, fill when it hits X level?

    IF tubing would be okay then I can run it THROUGH the 1/2" HC walls of the aviary and attach the chicken side in there and be able to refill from outside, nice.

    2nd... could a chicken use a thing such as this...

    a waterer designed for up to a cockatiel size beak be big enough for a chicken beak? Can't seem to find one of this style for bigger beaks, like parrot for instance. It just goes to the bottle with the tube and ball kind of dispenser.

    But on that note, can chickens do with the tube and ball kind of waterer? Ala

    like if they can grab a dribble from a nipple that they should be able to deal with that size or even the ball kind, but better safe than sorry no?

    I can get the silo waterer OR the ball/tube kind for under $4 right down the road so it'd be great if I could figure a way to do it.

    Appreciate any input.

    edit... side question... IF the tubing could work... could you use this sort of connector...
    and branch off to offer two waterers? Or do these sort only work for AIR?
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    Here on BYC, Good Ole Uncle Neil Grassbaugh has the same nipple drinkers as FarmTek for $1.85 each and the shipping starts at $3.00 and ends at $5.00.
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    Murphy, ain't she a booger? Thanks for the head's up!!
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    There's no reason why vinyl tubing wouldn't work just fine.
    It's comes in lots of sizes
    You can use those slide on connectors, and if they leak, just use small hose clamps to secure them.
    I doubt they would leak since it's nor pressurized.
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    Thanks Bear. Seems like it would work... but then so have so many of my other "make my hubby -and before that parents- roll their eyes ideas"

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