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    May 29, 2010
    I know this is a Chicken forum, but maybe some of you near me have fish and/or want to get into fish keeping. ^.^

    I need to down size on my tanks, so I have the following below for sale!
    I have several things for sale & everything can be picked up. I can meet you halfway, you can come pick them up here or I can ship them to you. Shipping is basic Flat Rate, 2-3 day shipping in the US only.

    Unless otherwise stated, pricing for shipping is as follows;

    * Small box is $5
    * Medium box is $11
    * Large box is $15

    There is no live arrival guarantee. They will be double bagged & padded with paper and peanuts.

    I will ship fish out Monday's only. All others will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed, Paypal only on shipping.

    I am open to trades, either Aquarium related or pet chicken related. I can combine any and all the items for sale to trade for my needed items. Below are a few things I am looking for.

    * 5ft tall, 100+ft long 1/2in Chicken wire.
    * 75 gallon aquarium or larger. No stand or accessories needed, but you must be able to bring this tank to my home.
    * Medicated Chick starter crumbles.
    * Layer Crumbles.
    * Turning Incubator


    Aquariums are pick up/meet only.

    * Two 10 gallon aquariums. $10 each.
    * 20 gallon long. $30.
    * 55 gallon. $55.


    I have a few Swords, several leaves and about 6-8in tall. $4 each. A ton of Salvinia, Mosquito fern(Azolla), Red Root Floaters and Duckweed.

    A mix of all of the above is as follows. I can remove the Duckweed and/or Azolla from the Salvinia and Red Root Floaters if you ask.

    * Small box stuffed, $9 shipped.
    * Medium box stuffed $16 shipped.
    * Large box stuffed $22 shipped.

    $0.50 per Red root floater plant cluster. Has 3-8 leaves per cluster, 1-2.5in across. Shipped in a small box unless you ask for a medium box.

    All Betta are $8 each. Buy more, I'll lower the price. I can ship, but no guarantee and it will be via USPS medium Flat rate. I would rather someone pick them up than ship. I would also rather sell all or half, not one by one.

    I just need to stop buying them, so they all must go! Selling my Platy also, $2 each. Last bottom pic is of the female blue/purple Betta.

    I have another female, but still looking for her picture. She is bluish, though.


    Male white PK.



    Would prefer you come over to 22740, but willing to meet at one of the following places.
    Culpeper Petsmart, Warrenton Petco or Petsmart & Front Royal Petco.
    Maybe Petco or Petsmart in Fredericksburg.
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