AR: Like New Barnsby AVG 17.5" Dressage Saddle

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    May 24, 2008
    Central Arkansas
    Going on Ebay shortly:


    Designed by/for Anky van Grunsven for Cliff Barnsby of Walsall, England. Barely used--probably ridden less than 20 times, at shows. The wear to this saddle is from just sitting around in storage with stirrups on it in the run up position.

    Medium-wide tree, comfortable (not narrow) twist. Encourages a long, straight leg.

    17.5" seat, 17" flaps.
    "Schrumpf" leather seat, grained.
    Supersoft deerskin leg blocks, smooth leather flaps.
    Wool-stuffed panels, still in their original shape.

    I dearly loved this saddle, but don't get a chance to show any more, and really need the money.

    Email ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom for more info, measurements, pictures, etc.

  2. Wow, awesome saddle...too bad I dont do dressage...

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