Aracuana Rumpless vs With Rump.

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    Currently all my Aracuanas are Rumpless. 2 have Ear Tufts... Ive collected eggs and now have about 6 or so babies a week old. 3 of them have rumps... one of the 3 has a great color. Its got red, grey, black and brown. Dont know if its a boy or girl, but im led to belive that all my Rumpless cary the Rump Gene? half have tails and half do not. Correct? So if my neat red grey black brown chick is a girl I plan on keeping her, but if its a male, will the tail be passed on to all the chicks. Is the Rump a Dom / Recessive gene?

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    Rumplessness is difficult to understand because many different genes interact to determine whether a bird is rumpless. In addition, there are at least three distinct types of rumpless chickens: dominant, recessive, and accidental, and the dominant type can be divided into two types: dominant complete and dominant incomplete. If you know which of these types is a particular bird, you can make good decisions on how to raise more.

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