Aracuana X Silkie


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
I currently have 12 polish bantam eggs cooking in the incubator which are my main breed. I also have a variety of 'rainbow chickens' for eggs, one of these is a silkie hen and they all run with a UK tailed aracuana rooster who is good for keeping the cats out the garden! When I put in my hatching eggs I thought I would stick in one of Mrs Silkies eggs as a fun mutt baby! So we are on day 11 now and there is definately development. Anyody got any idea what the baby might look like? Or any of these funny mixes themselves? Mrs Silkie is black and Drake is lavender.
all i know is,that is gonna be 1 cute chick
my araucana rooster is rump-less so my results will be different than yours. Mine hatched out mostly rump-less, 5 toes, a few had single combs. I kept the ones that had all silkie traits (minus silkie feathers) and that laid a blue egg. (which was most)
Only 9 more days til hatch date! I can imagine it is going to be a funny looking little chick. I only set the one egg in there from the Silkie. But sods law shes gone broody and has been sitting on some polish eggs (not even her own) for the last few days! Might try and get her to raise some of the others too. Will she care for eggs and day old chicks if I'm careful about introductions or will she abandon the eggs?

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