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    Jan 11, 2007
    I see posts so often where people are led to believe they have one of these two breeds, when the birds they purchased were misrepresented with these names and are actually Easter Eggers (a cross breed created to have various plumage colors and lay various egg colors). I thought it may be helpful to post this article for those who would like a little education on these 2 APA & ABA standard breeds. If you scroll down past the Wheaten article, there are 2 very good articles for your enjoyment.

    I want to point out that there is nothing wrong with EEs and they are wonderful, pretty birds that I also raise. But I think it is only right to give proper respect to the breeds that many breeders spend a lot of time perfecting. Hatcheries do not go to this effort and mislabel their product knowingly. It really is a buyer beware market - so if you are truly interested in the correct breed, you have to do your homework and be educated (usually by breeders, not hatcheries).

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    I agree with what you say. I love them all and i dont care if mine are EE. The hardest part is knowing what to call the ones you have. I am going to stop trying to figure mine out until they are done changing. It can be very hard to tell for sure what you have. I personally love the mystery of the EE and wondering what they will look like in the end. I take pictures every few days to show the changes because they change so much so fast.
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    [​IMG] Totally respect those who breed them; they do deserve correct billing! Cannot something be done with the hatcheries 'false advertising"? Us newbies deserve to know what we are getting! I've found some local breeders...I'll not go thru the big chain hatcheries again or the feed store!

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